Advantages of smoking out of a bong

Cannabis sativa, also known as marijuana, is a popular herb that is consumed across the globe based on its recreational and medicinal benefits. Various attributes are accorded to the herb and they include its renowned ability to cure depression and elevate anxiety. Similarly, users have lauded marijuana for the fact that it can efficiently eliminate stress and boost your moods. Women can also use it to eliminate or negate cramps. In the world today it is important to have such a natural drug that has little to no side effects. High blood pressure patients have lauded the drug for its ability to level the pressure levels in the body. Traditionally, marijuana was seen as an integral medicinal component since it was highly valuable in relieving pain.

Evidently, the benefits are immense, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he is conscious of the ways through which he can inhibit himself from the common side effects of marijuana consumption. Smoking has traditionally been viewed as his sole method of consumption, but overtime experts have developed apparatus and mechanisms through which marijuana can be enjoyed with high regard to physical and mental health. Bongs and vaporizers from online Headshop are the common alternatives among users. This is due to the various benefits that are attributed to them. The benefits of using bongs are listed as follows;

Better hits

Users will agree that bongs give better hits compared to the conventional methods of smoking. Users that do not want big hits can effectively reduce the level of smoke in the bong.


Bongs are preferred because they are reusable and users can, therefore, save unnecessary expenses. A quality bong that is adequately maintained has the ability to last you through your smoking days. Blunts and joints require you to buy and invest more for every use.

Beginner friendly

New smokers can seek refuge in the use of a bong. The bong is designed to purify the combustion byproducts like tar, carcinogens and other impurities that could cause lung irritation. Inhaling marijuana through the bong is smoother and therefore easy on the throat. Also, beginners will enjoy smoking from a bong since the breaths are shallower compared to smoking a blunt.



Water filtration

A bong is enshrined with water that is meant to cool and filter the smoke. Filtration allows users to enjoy smoking without the threat of health hazards like lung and throat cancer. Tar and ash are effectively filtered out, and this will enable you to enjoy smoking for a sustained period.



Reasons you’re waking up with a sore neck


Neck pain can be severe. The severe cases are commonly caused by aging arthritis and injury as a result of slipped discs. However, the common causes are things that we do like the way we sleep at night among other things which end up causing neck pain in the morning or whenever you sleep.

Here are some of the causes of a sore neck

1. The pillow

w3e4rteweqMost people are so used to sleeping on a pillow that they cannot sleep without.The pillow is meant to offer additional support to your head when you sleep. The pillow will help position your head in a neutral position. For one to achieve this neutral position, their nose should be in line with the central part of your body which is the spine. Using a flat pillow bends one’s neck and head forward. The type of pillow one chooses will also determine how comfortable they will be. The best choice of pillow is the feather or memory foam pillow that easily molds to the shape of one’s neck.

2. The sleeping position

One chooses their sleeping position earlier in the lives. There are various positions one can sleep in. For those sleeping on their stomachs, they have a high likelihood of hurting their necks. Sleeping on the stomach makes one twist the head and neck when turning which puts pressure on the nerves found on the neck which is dangerous. One should consider being a side sleeper so that they wake up with a pain-free neck.

3. Stiff muscles

If one tries the above measures such as changing the pillows and their style of sleeping, they can still find themselves waking up with a stiff neck. If this is so, one can see the doctor ascertain whether the pain is as a result of weak or stiff muscles. Other conditions causing neck pain are arthritis. One should learn exercises to strengthen the neck muscles which support the neck to help them feel better. Consult the doctor to find out which exercises will help so that you do not worsen the situation.

4. Sleep hygiene

Sleeping problems also cause one to have neck pains. One should check their sleeping habits to ensure that they adopt a healthy cycle. This includes sleeping and getting up at the same time every day, regular exercising and getting rid of alcohol and caffeinated drinks. If one does not see any improvements with the pain, then they should seek medical advice to ensure the underlying problem is dealt with.3435tyhfgwrqe

5. Use of telephone

Most people hold their phones with the shoulder. This can cause neck pain when one wakes up in the morning. It is a bad habit which should be corrected so that the neck muscles are not strained causing pain. One should ensure that they use headphones if they have to take the call when they are handling something else.

The neck pain can be rectified but getting a neck massage which will help to ease the pain, doing neck exercises and taking lots of water to ensure the discs are properly hydrated.…