Qualities of a good law school

Medicine and law are classical professions that require bright and sober minds. No wonder they are taught in the best schools in the world. The law is not a subject that can be learned anywhere like art and business studies. It is taught through standardized procedures that create uniformity in the profession. If you want to enroll for a law course, consider the following qualities of a good law school before you choose the school to enroll in.

Accreditation by the relevant authorities

This should be the first quality to check. A law school should be accredited by the government’s department of higher education or the relevant authorities. Some private law schools teach law courses even before they are chartered and accredited by the relevant authorities to train lawyers. Law graduates from such schools may have to go back to class if their academic credentials are revoked.

Qualified law instructors

e45yretWhichever school you went to, you agree with me that your attitude towards your instructors contributed immensely to the overall grade you got. Law students will arbitrate the legal issues of the land in the coming days. They, therefore, need the best when it comes to instructors. They need role models. We are living in a very litigious society and we need lawyers who have been taught by the most qualified instructors. That is why a law school can never be a good school if its instructors are not highly qualified to do their job. Most law schools even hire prominent visiting law professors just to impact positively on the quality of their team of instructors.

Learning resources available to the students

It will be useless to have great instructors without other learning resources such as books, stationery, and the internet, to name but a few. A good law school should ensure that there are enough resources for all students to make use of and enhance their academic performances.

Availability of student exchange programs

Most schools all over the world have introduced student exchange programs where a school accepts students from a partnering university who continue with the law course that they were undertaking at their home university. The receiving school also sends its students to the school on the other end. When law students study in different cultures, they broaden their minds and learn how to think outside the box.

Direct connection with the industry

Transiting from the classroom into the legal industry should be easy. Good law schools have partnered with several law firms in the industry to offer their students real world experiences through internship and job placements.

Industry-wide recognition

A good law school should be recognized in the entire legal industry of the country it is situated. It should also be recognized in various parts of the world. It should be endorsed by the major legal bodies within and without its locality.ertrhhretwr

Prominent alumni

A law school can only be good if it has produced prominent lawyers who have practiced law successfully in various fields. At the back of your mind, make a list of the presidents and other prominent political leaders of various countries who started out as lawyers. You can be sure that the law schools they went to are the best in the land.