Raising Awareness for Veteran Organizations

We support small non-profit veteran organizations and help them raise awareness with free custom wristbands.

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Ways to support Veterans

Homes for Veterans

Our United States Veterans have given their all, laid down their lives when it comes to serving our country. We as a nation should do our part and make sure they are warm at night.  Whether it is in finding a home or assisting with payments, these organizations primarily focus on helping veterans put and keep a roof over their head.

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Jobs for Veterans

When a Veteran either serves his time of duty or is honorable discharged (usually because of injury), they return home without jobs readily awaiting them.  This could be extremely stressful especially if they have families to take care of.  We are here to support you and your organization to bring awareness to this matter.

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Veterans with PTSD

Veterans served their country (our country) in active duty and they risked their life day-in and day-out.  We as a nation should be doing everything we can to make sure our hero’s next door receive all the help they require to live a normal, American life.  Let’s ban together, contact us for free Veteran awareness wristbands.

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Requesting wristbands for your Veteran organization


We believe by increasing awareness we can make a difference. How can anyone make a change if they are unaware of the problem? While many people are aware of the stresses and complications our veterans go through, it slips our minds because for most of us, it is not witnessed on a daily basis. Whether you’re increasing awareness of a specific organization or looking to spread the word on helping veterans in all causes, you are making a difference.