Our Mission

At WristbandSupplies.com, our mission is to help small, non-profit Veteran organizations spread their cause with free custom wristbands. We provide small businesses with an easy-to-use, customizable platform, centered around spreading awareness for their cause. We truly believe by spreading awareness for Veterans, we can change hundreds of thousands of lives of the men and women who risked their own for us. We deeply appreciate you visiting our site and hope you find encouragement and inspiration through our custom awareness wristbands.

Who We Are

We believe that spreading awareness is everything. Our years of experience has taught us that ignorance is often confused for apathy. People want to support worthy causes but are often unaware of how to begin. Whether you are raising awareness for a specific Veteran cause or Veterans in general, we are here to support you!

At WristbandSupplies.com we appreciate and recognize what you are doing and have done for your community and now it’s time for us to give back to you!

How Is This Possible?

We accomplish our mission to spread awareness through fundraising done right here in the Orlando area. Through local events and sponsors we have raised enough money to offer our free customizable wristbands to non-profit and other worthy organizations.

At WristbandSupplies.com, we’ve centered our focus around spreading awareness because we have all seen the devastating effects of what Veterans go through. We understand how hard all non-profit organizations work and how difficult it can be to receive the recognition you deserve.

Even though Veterans are widely recognized, each individual who suffers is uniquely affected. Family and friends of loved ones who are fighting here or oversea’s are often confused and worried. It can be difficult to cope with finding a job, caring for your family, and/or living with PTSD.  Today there is hope, join the fight and help raise Veteran awareness for your cause!

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